Happy New Year

We wish  all members of the Orgelförderkreis, all donators  and friends of the church  music a Happy New Year 2014,  health and peace!

We thank you for the broad support and  your donations. Especially we want to mention  the  work of our core team. Those many little  movements do not happen in  public however indispensable for the success of the whole.

The  music in the church can give many things to people. It can build them up or comfort them at all sorts of causes and in all sorts of situations.

We thank you  for having visited our concerts  and furthermore we invite you already today to do so for  the concerts of our series of concerts " Neuhauser Orgel Konzerte " 2014

For the year to come, we did prepare some  special musical highlights for you!

Happy New Year for you and your families!

Markus Grohmann                 Dr. Helmut Thomas E isele
Director of the sacred music            Chairman

Neuhausen auf den Fildern, on the New Years Day 2014

The fotos can be found on the following link to the “Tagesschau” :


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Umzug Truhen OrgelChest organ moved

In November already, our box organ had to be moved to the “Liefrauenkapelle”. The organ has been bought by the “Friends of organs and Sacred Music”.

In order to achieve the move some strong men were needed who exactly know how and what to do. With the Sprinter bus of the parrish community everything went fine however and no damages of the organ occured.

Die Mannschaft ruht sich ausWe know that we are a little bit late reporting about the move. Nevertheless: thanks to the team very much!



Dr. Helmut Thomas Eisele, Neuhausen auf den Fildern January 3. ,  2014

Elections  in the choir St.  Peter and Paul

Der neue Kirchenchorvorstand des Chores St. Peter und PaulDuring the annual  general meeting of the choir  held on January 13. 2012 regularly scheduled  elections took place. Since the chairman,  Mr Stefan Kleinhansl, the vice chairman, Mrs Monika Winkler, the music keeper Maria  Theresia Hautzinger and the assessor of the choir, Ulrich Bayer, wanted to retire from their functions  for the new legislative period, a change in leadership was  necessary.

The elections had the following results: new Chairman of the choir  is Mr Leonhard Aicher and his vice chairman is Mr Bernhard Piecha now. The treasurer  Mrs Karin  Beck, the secretary Mrs Monika Buehr and the  assessor Mr Stefan Langer were confirmed by the choir. The former comittee member, Mrs  Angelika Federschmid, has been elected as new music keeper. The choir members elected as new assessors Mrs Monika Bayer and Mr  Wolfgang Brielmaier into the executive board .


Monika Buehr, Neuhausen auf den Fildern, May 5. 2012

Invitation to the  organ recital on Sunday, March 18th, 2012

WEB-DSC_5943-2cmMichal  Markuszewski, born 1980 born in Warsaw, started his musical education with the age of 5 years at the K.Szymanowski school, in the piano class of Prof. Maria Niemira and in the organ class with Prof.Marietta  Kruzel-Sosnowska (Warsaw  ) and ended it with awards gained. In 2004 he completed his studies in the piano class  of the Warsaw " Frederic Chopin " academy of music with Prof. Joachim  Grubich (organ class) with as well as in the class of  Prof. Kazimierz Gierzod. In 2007 he  completed his studies at university of the arts  Berlin (class Prof. Wolfgang  Seifen) and 2008 at the university for music in  Wuerzburg (organ class Prof.  Christoph Bossert).

To his so  far biggest successes belong: the 2nd price at the  competition of the Polish organ  music of the 20th century (Legnica 1998) and the 1st price at the  international competition of the organ music in Rumia (2000). In addition, he  received the award  for the best  interpretation of the music of  Johann Sebastian Bach, connected to an award of the  president of the city of Gdansk and  the 3rd prize at the international competition in Zurich (Buehlkirche 2007).

He has been active at many international festivals: in Poland,  Lithuania, Czechia (2002 at the days of  the organ music in Vysehrad), Holland, England, in  Switzerland and in Germany. He completed its knowledge among the following masters: Guy Bovet, Aleksander Fiseyski, Julian Gembalski, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Jean Guillou, Bernhard Haas, Rudolf Innig, Olivier Latry, Heribert Metzger, Peter Planyawski, Martin Sander, Christopher Stembridge, Harald Vogel. He also worked togehter with many excellent  soloists.  Together with the orchestra Jeunesses  Musicales, with as well as the Polish  chamber choir " Schola Cantorum  "Gdansk, " Camerata Varsovia," a  cantata "St.Caecilia" written by  Franciszek Lessel has been  recorded on CD. The artist furthermore loves to play modern Polish organ music.

Organ improvisation also is part of his field of interest. He participated in the international improvisation competition in Nuremberg in July 2002, as well as in the  improvisation courses with Prof. Tomasz Adam Nowak (Muenster), Theo Brandmueller  (Saarbrueck), Prof. Wolfgang Seifen (Berlin) and Julian Gembalski (Kattowice).

The artist also knows about the problems of the conservation of historical organs. He  is a member of the  'Organization for the Conservation and Investigation of Silesian Organs'. He documented more than 300  historical organs in Poland  till now. He  produced CD recordings for his own  as well as recordings  for the Polish  broadcast and TV. Since 2004 he is  working in Warsaw as an organist at the Protestant Reformed church. He  was initiator and  responsible conductor for the renovation of the historical organ of the  company Schlag & Sons  (1900). He was a scholar of the polish Ministry of Culture in the  year 2007.

The Organ positiv made by Hieronymus Spiegel in 1762In Neuhausen Markuszewski will open the concert on the Spiegel organ positive, which in March 2012 is precisely going to celebrate its 250th birthday. Works then can be heard from the Gdansk tabulature book dated 1591 as well as from the  Warsaw tablature from the 17th century.

On the E.F. Walcker organ he then will interpret baroque works  of Bach and  Homilius. After that organ music of the great period of  romantic style will follow. This part  begins with organ music of Mendelssohn (c minor sonata),  continues with Brahms and  Freyer. The concert will find  its brilliant end with a the  large introduction and passacaglia in d-minor written  by Max Reger.

For further information on Michal Markuszewski please click on the following link:


Markus Grohmann, Director of the Sacred Music, Neuhausen auf den Fildern, Februar 27th  2012

Preview for our organ  recital on March 18th.

the Polish organist Michal  Markuszewski from WarsawOn Sunday, March 18th at 6 p.m., our series of recitals will be opened by the Polish organist Michal  Markuszewski from Warsaw.

Works will be able to be heard from J.S. Bach, the GdanskTabulatur, Homilius, Brahms and Mendelssohn.

Mr. Markuszewski is going to play on our E.F. Walcker Organ and on the Positive Organ made by Hieronymus Spiegel in 1762 as well. Therefore in 2012 this organ will have its 250 st anniversary!

Markus Grohmann, Director of the Sacred Music, Neuhausen January 26. 2012

Invitation to our annual meeting

The annual meeting of the Organ Promoting Circle will be held in the big hall of the parish community center on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 at 8  p.m. All members and interested are cordially invited to come.

Markus Grohmann, Director of the Sacred Music, Neuhausen January 26. 2012

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